Monthly Rentals, Galileo Apartments, Madrid, Spain.

In the best areas of Madrid.

Monthly Rentals in Madrid

Apartments for long periods

If what you need is an extended stay in a competitive price apartment you are looking for our Monthly Rentals, located in the best areas of Madrid.

Monthly Rentals

Galileo Apartments, in the neighborhood of Argüelles

from: 700€/month [ see rates ]

Among the metro Moncloa and Argüelles, in the commercial area of Madrid, with many cinemas and entertainment venues offer rooms furnished with living room, kitchenette and separate bedroom from 700 € per month, in a building with central heating and Self-Laundry.

Galileo Apartments Galileo Apartments

Perseo Apartments, in Alonso Martínez

from: 600€/month [ see rates ]

Between Tribunal and Alonso Martínez, with areas of tapas and varied restaurants, we offer furnished studios with lounge / bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom from 600 €, including central heating and hot water, all this in one of the most emblematic areas of Madrid.

Perseo Apartments Perseo Apartments

Hernán Cortés Apartments, next to Fuencarral Market

from: 500€/month [ see rates ]

Next to Chueca and Tribunal and the fantastic market where you can find everything you seek, enjoy apartments with kitchen and bathroom, fully furnished with living room / bedroom, from 500 € / month in the most central area of Madrid.

Hernán Cortés ApartmentsHernán Cortés Apartments

Velarde Apartments, near the Calle Alberto Aguilera

from: 500€/month [ see rates ]

In one of the most central areas of Madrid, beside the Bilbao metro stop in Madrid, you can enjoy apartments with full kitchen, living room / bedroom and separate bathroom from 500 € with central heating and laundry service.

Velarde Apartments Velarde Apartments

Ballesta Apartments , near Gran Vía

from: 450€/month [ see rates ]

In the area of Callao and Gran Via, Madrid's most important street they call "Broadway Madrid", get fantastic apartments with lounge / bedroom, bathroom and kitchen for only 500 € + expenses and additional services like cleaning, rent ...

Ballesta Apartments Ballesta Apartments

Vargas Apartments, next to Nuevos Ministerios

from: 500€/month [ see rates ]

Between Gregorio Marañon and Alonso Cano, next to El Corte English and walks down the Castellana, get apartments with lounge / bedroom, bathroom and kitchen from 500 €, including telephone in room , air conditioning and 24 hour concierge.

Vargas Apartments Vargas Apartments