FAQ, Galileo Apartments

In the best areas of Madrid.


Check in and out hours?
12:00 (noon) in all our apartments.
Can I leave the apartments late?
No. You are not allowed.
Can I choose the type of beds in the apartments? (Large bed - two beds)
Yes, of course.
Do the rooms have a balcony or terrace? Can I book one?
Andromeda: No.
Orion: No.
Recoletos: No.
Apollo: Some. Yes, if available.
Are there non-smoking rooms?
Yes, in all our apartments.
How many floors does the building have? Is there a lift?
Andromeda: 7 floors. There is an Elevator.
Orion: 7 floors. There is an Elevator.
Recoletos: 4 floors. There is an Elevator.
Apollo: 3 floors. There is an Elevator.
Is there air conditioning in the apartments? Does it work all year?
Yes, and it runs all year in all apartments.
Do your hotels have facilities for the handicapped?
Can you keep my luggage when I leave the apartment?
Yes, of course.
Where can I park my car in a safe place? What does it cost?
All apartments are next to a public parking, with an additional charge.
Do you have Internet connection or e-mail access in the apartments?
Yes, of course, in all our apartments.
Do you have high speed internet in the room for my laptop? Is it wireless (wifi)?
Yes, in all our apartments.
What languages are spoken in Reception?
Spanish and English, in all our apartments.
Where can I rent a car?
Ask in Reception.
How much does a taxi from the airport cost? How long does it take?
Andromeda: 25 €, will arrive in 20 minutes.
Orion: It costs aproximately € 25 and takes approximately 20 min.
Recoletos: 20 €, and takes 20 minutes.
Apollo: It costs about 25 € and takes 25 minutes.
How is the neighborhood where you are?
Andromeda: Madrid Centre. Spectacular multicultural environment.
Orion: Barrio de Salamanca. Shopping area par excellence.
Recoletos: Paseo del Prado. Quiet and pleasant.
Apollo: La Latina. 'Cañas and Tapas' everywhere.
I travel to attend a trade fair at IFEMA: easy to go from the apartments?
From the center of Madrid it will not take more than 45 minutes by subway (cost: € 1). If you take a taxi it will take about 20 minutes and cost approximately 30 euros. You can also catch a bus for the same price as the metro, although it may take longer.
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