Velarde Apartments, Madrid, Spain.

In the best areas of Madrid.

Velarde Apartments

Velarde Apartments

Rates Velarde Apartments 2015

Apartment from
500€ + deposit *

* IVA included. The prices of the apartments require a minimum stay of 1 month and include accommodation only, so you have to add the amount of electricity consumed, the tank and to recruit additional services: Cleaning, car TV, video, etc.

Near the Calle Alberto Aguilera

Velarde Apartments Calle de Velarde, 9. Madrid Madrid 28004, Spain
Phone (+34) 628 037 679

In one of the most central areas of Madrid, beside the Bilbao metro stop in Madrid, you can enjoy apartments with full kitchen, living room / bedroom and separate bathroom from 500 € with central heating and laundry service.


  • Lobby morning and afternoon.
  • Metro: Bilbao, line 1 and 4. Tribunal, line 1 and 10.
  • Electric heating and hot water.

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